Our Platform

Note: The proposed 2014 Platform, previously adopted at the 2012 37th Legislative District Caucus held on March 14, 2012, PASSED with revisions plus an addition on March 9, 2014. 

As Democrats we believe our society has a fundamental responsibility to create a better future for our children and future generations. We fundamentally desire a more just society, a robust and sustainable economy, peaceful relations among nations, and a cleaner environment that does not imperil the planet. In pursuit of these ideals we are committed to the following principles which we find fundamental to a sound democracy and a moral society.

Civil and Human Rights:

The rights guaranteed by our Constitution and by international human rights law are at the heart of the American identity and should not be compromised for any reason. Their preservation requires our vigorous defense. We oppose discrimination of all kinds, and believe that those who suffer the burden of discrimination must be afforded the legal and economic opportunities to overcome such injustices and we oppose laws that discriminate based on race, national origin, immigration status, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, physical or mental challenges, marital status, age, or political affiliation.

Economic Justice and Tax Fairness:

We are committed to creating strong communities based on fairness, opportunity and prosperity for all. We support economic policies and business practices that promote small businesses, the creation of living-wage jobs, the right of employees to bargain collectively and join unions, and the creation of sustainable economic growth that does not damage our environment.  We promote the advancement of equitable competition over the increasing power of monopolies.


A free, universal public school system is the backbone of our democratic society. We support excellent quality public education, pre-school through university, with equal access for all because universal access to excellent schools is the surest path to equality, opportunity, prosperity, and the continuing preservation of our democratic heritage.

Environment and Energy:

Our well-being and very survival depend on worldwide clean air, clean water, safe food, and sustainable ecosystems. Environmental protections strengthen our economy. Reducing our dependence on non-renewable fuels is key to achieving better communities.

Foreign Policy and National Security:

The United States should lead by example and work within the world community in a spirit of peace, justice, cooperation, generosity and democracy.

Government and Political Reform:

We are committed to a democracy that encourages maximum participation, a voting process that is fair, transparent, and open to all citizens, and a principle that requires responsibility by both voters and those they elect. We insist that corporations are not persons and money is not speech.

Health Care:

Health care is a basic human right. Our government should assure, and guarantee by law, accessible and affordable health care for all.

Human Services:

A caring community provides a safety net of social services to meet people’s basic needs so they can attain their full potential, especially those on the margins of society— children, the elderly, and people who are impoverished, homeless, mentally ill, disabled, or living with addictions.


Immigrants strengthen America. All immigrants should be afforded full human rights and a fair, safe, and timely path to legal status.


We believe in the dignity of work and demand fair wages and benefits in return. We insist on the right of all workers to join labor unions, to bargain collectively, and to take part in setting their working conditions and including the creation of worker councils.


We pledge support to our troops and honor to our veterans who act in the service of our country. Washington citizens have always answered their country’s call to duty, and we are proud of our military contributions to the nation. We insist on the complete fulfillment of our nation’s obligations and commitments to our veterans.

Public Safety:

We pledge to support the efforts of well-trained first responders. We call for common sense, gun safety legislation including universal background checks with proper training.